Johannes Bent, ‘Ernst Troeltsch and Eastern Europe’: Thesis Defence, 3 June 2024


We are proud to announce that on June 3, 2024 at 12.00, Johannes Bent will defend his doctoral thesis: “Ernst Troeltsch and Eastern Europe: Interwar Interpretations and Applications of a German Philosopher of History”.

Public defence will take place in Tallinn University hall M648. The wider audience can follow the defence and ask questions from the degree applicant in Zoom.

Supervisors are Professor Liisi Keedus from Tallinn University and Professor Emeritus Gangolf Hübinger from European University Viadrina.
Opponents are Professor Balázs Trencsényi from Central European University Budapest and Professor Matthias Schloßberger from European University Viadrina.

The doctoral thesis is available in Tallinn University Digital Library ETERA.

Liisi Keedus and Juhan Hellerma at the ‘History & Responsibility’ Conference

The 5th Conference of the International Network for Theory of History will take place in Lisbon at the end of May. This year’s topic is ‘History & Responsibility. Doing History in Times of Conflicting Political Demands’.

On 23 May, Liisi Keedus will give a talk ‘Can we make a new time? A perspective from intellectual history’, and Juhan Hellerma will present on 24 May on ‘Historical responsibility and the question of presentism’.

Publication by Tommaso Giordani

Tommaso Giordani published an open acces research article in the journal Bergsoniana entitled “Two political itineraries of European Bergsonism: Georges Sorel and Thomas Ernest Hulme“. The article builds on Dr. Giordani’s previous publication with Dr. Henry Mead, and explores the way in which the two thinkers’ relationship with Bergsonian philosophy evolved from the late 19th century until the Great War.

Tommaso Giordani teaches at the Invisible University for Ukraine Winter School

In January 2024, our team member Tommaso Giordani taught at the second Invisible University for Ukraine Winter School in Budapest. Dr Giordani mentored students and delivered a lecture on different temporalities of revolution. BETWEEN THE TIMES stands in solidarity with the Ukranian people and condemns the brutal and unprovoked Russian aggression.