Publication by Tommaso Giordani

Tommaso Giordani published an open acces research article in the journal Bergsoniana entitled “Two political itineraries of European Bergsonism: Georges Sorel and Thomas Ernest Hulme“. The article builds on Dr. Giordani’s previous publication with Dr. Henry Mead, and explores the way in which the two thinkers’ relationship with Bergsonian philosophy evolved from the late 19th century until the Great War.

Tommaso Giordani and Henry Mead on Sorel and T.E. Hulme

Tommaso Giordani and Henry Mead published a research article on Thomas Ernest Hulme and the British reception of Georges Sorel in Modern Intellectual History. The paper argues that Hulme’s reading of Sorel as a moralist was an act of creative re-invention of the French thinker, and that it broke with much of the pre-existing British reception of Sorel. It comes with a bibliography of mentions of Sorel in Anglo-American publications between 1902 and 1922, the year of Sorel’s death.

It is accessible in open access here.

A PDF version is available in the link at the bottom.