Dora Marsden and Anarchist Modernisms

Henry Mead recently published a chapter in Women, Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1890s-1920s: The Modernist Period. Henry’s article contains a discussion of Max Stirner’s radical individualist theory of history plus details on Emma Goldman’s and Benjamin Tucker’s anarchisms.

Teaching resources on Futurism

Roberta Albertini just published some didactic resources on Futurism as part of her contribution to the Between the Times project. They can be found in the following addresses:

‘Is there a European Intellectual History?’: workshop abstracts

The ‘Between the Times’ project workshop ‘Is there a European Intellectual History?’ took place on the 6th and 7th of July. During the two days we had 4 wonderful keynote talks by Balász Trencsényi, Giuseppe Bianco, Tim B. Müller, and Martin van Gelderen. In addition we also had the chance to listen to 10 wonderful talks by several younfer researchers, you can read their abstracts here.