“A Home in Aardla Street” by Piret Peiker

Piret Peiker’s “A Home in Aardla Street“ („Kodu Aardla tänavas“), is a contribution to the
collection of essayistic memoirs My Childhood Home Was In the Estonian SSR (Minu
lapsepõlvekodu oli Eesti NSV-s, 2019, eds. Epp Annus, Brita Melts) by a group of Estonian humanities scholars.

The contributors of varying age and background describe the material and mental lifeworlds of their early years, highlighting the syncretism and change of the home topoi during the period. Primarily a personal reminiscence, Piret Peiker’s piece contemplates the ruptures and continuities in Estonian history and perception more generally.
The book is of interest both to an academic and to a general audience.