Tommaso Giordani on Zeev Sternhell and Fascism

Tommaso Giordani has published an article in the Autumn issue of Il Pensiero Storico entitled “Zeev Sternhell, l’antilluminismo, ed il fascismo come possibilità ricorrente“. Written in the Italian language, the article examines the centrality of the Enlightenment/anti-Enlightenment distinction in Zeev’s Sternhell’s work, arguing that it constitutes the conceptual core of the Israeli historian’s oeuvre. A shortened version of the same argument can be found in English in Ideology, Theory, Practice, the blog of the Journal of Political Ideologies, under the title “Fascism as a recurring possibility: Zeev Sternhell, the anti-Enlightenment, and the politics of an intellectual history of modernity“.